Vastu Tips - If the diseases are disturbed, then it may be the cause of the Vastu Dosh


The wrong architect of the house can bother the person financially as well as physically. Vastu Shastra states that the cause of some diseases can be architectural in the house. In Vastu Shastra, some diseases can be avoided by making some changes in the house. If you looking online best vastu consultant in gurgaon you can meet Dr. Anand Bhardwaj.

1. Southwest angle of the house is an important factor in increasing the disease. If the southwest angle is the location of wells, water boring or underground water then it causes disease. Not only this, there should be no garden and small plants in this angle.

2. If the southwest corner is small or shrinked in the house then the chances of the disease increase. So try that this part is the highest.

3. The overwhelming majority of the house, the use of more iron in the middle of the house, or the spiritual space stairs, it also invites diseases.

We do not claim on the information given in this article that they are completely true and accurate and adopting them will give expected results. Prior to adopting them, please consult experts in the relevant field.

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